Stop reading, start cooking
Cook from and create your own graphical food recipes

Why Gracipe?

Food recipes have not been improved for centuries, we think it is about time to optimize!

Graphics instead of text

Instead of having to read and waste efforts on reading long texts we bring you the recipe in a single illustration with all the information you require.

Create your own

Now you can create your own graphical recipes without being a professional illustrator. Simply paste in a recipe and convert it to a graphical recipe. Try it out now (link below).

Discover new dishes

You don't always have to be in the mood to create your own Gracipe - explore other people's Gracipes and learn to cook something new.

Gracipe is still in development but you can try it out

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The Gracipe Team

The team consists of highly motivated individuals that have a huge interest in food and technology.

Marinó Páll Valdimarsson

CEO, Designer and Developer

Kai Köhn

CTO, Lead Developer

Herdís Arnalds